Here you will find some helpful articles that relate to parenting and raising children. 

Breaking up the Confidence Gender Gap

January 31, 2018

Raising two girls and one boy, I know the importance and strength that comes from each child knowing their value and worth. My article speaks to the ways the confidence gender gap has revealed itself globally and in Hong Kong. It also looks at the possible causes of the gap and offers tips for how we as parents and communities can overcome it and soar. Click the link to see the digital version: Playtimes Magazine February 2018 issue on page 41. 

Why I Let My Son Wear an Elsa Dress

Please check out my recently published article in Mamalode titled, "Why I Let My Son Wear an Elsa Dress". In the article, i talk about societal norms and the expectations we impose on opposite genders. I also talk about when it is important to ignore these expectations in order to give our children the freedom to express themselves. 

The Power of Introverts

I came across a Ted Talk recently about the "Power of Introverts". In a society that caters to extroverts, schools and parents should remember that there are so many children who find themselves more on the "Introvert" end of the spectrum. These "Introverts" have a lot to offer, if you allow them to express themselves in an environment that cherishes and celebrates them, too.  Please take a few minutes to watch: Susan Cain's Power of Introverts

Books on Kindness

We love kindness! Check out buzzfeed's list of children's books here that encourage kindness towards one another. 

What if I accidently Raise the Bully? by Leslie Blanchard

My Worst Nightmare - What If I Accidently Raise The Bully? by Leslie Blanchard

This is one of the best articles I have read. I completely agree that as parents we must always take an active approach when a child is a bully or when a child is being bullied. We constantly see kids being left out, and we need to see this as a form of bullying and not allow it. It would be a disservice to our children if we simply chose not to involve ourselves in these matters

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