The Launch and the Leadup!

As a first time author, the entire experience of self-publishing has been filled with firsts...The first time I edited and re-edited (x20), the first time I interviewed illustrators, the first time I researched printing companies and visited their factories, the first time I created a website, and the first time I had to become my own PR company.

However, the term "self-publishing" is a bit mis-leading. Although I had to do a lot on my own, there have been family and friends who helped me read and edit the story numerous times. Others have helped me with the gift of time, especially my husband, by simply being with our 3 kids. Friends in the industry have provided me with vital feedback, suggestions, and opportunities.

There have been exciting and challenging times throughout this process, as there is in any new endeavor we undertake. Though most of the times have been quite trying, the fulfilment felt has been equally rewarding.

The book launch was also a first for me! As the day grew closer, I felt anxious, excited, nervous, happy, and every single emotion in between on that spectrum. But like every step in this process, I had to push the anxiety aside and embrace the changes coming along, just like Blu did! In the end, it felt amazing to have a room full of engaged children as I read "Happy to be Blu".

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