Bedtime Reads

Ever since my eldest was a teenie tiny (and chubby) newborn, I loved our bedtime routines! It would start off with a massage, bath, followed by reading a book or two or three, lights dimmed, a prayer and sleep. Now that there are 3 lovely littles in the picture, these routines take a little longer (even though the massage time has been eliminated, now available only upon request) :)

The best part of our routines has been reading books! It is a special and quiet time between the kids and ourselves (husband and myself). There are no distractions, no phones, no toys... Just the kids, us and our books. This time has created a love for reading in all 3 of them. My eldest is now 6, and she is an avid reader. We are currently reading about Marie Curie, since she, too, is a budding scientist. The youngest at age 1 loves "Tumble Bumble" and our 3 year old son has been requesting "Mighty Robot" for the last two months or so. Even though they may ask for the same book for weeks (or months!) at a time, the fact is there is so much learning and a love for reading coming out of this. Children learn through repetition, so it isn't surprising that they often request for the same books night after night. They tend to know the lines by heart, repeat the words, and gain confidence in the realization that they know what is coming next! Numerous studies have even proven that children who read the same book over and over again tend to have a better retention of novel words and a better comprehension of stories, as compared to children who read various books over the same period of time. Therefore, we should follow those requests to "read it again, please!" and enjoy these precious moments that benefit both us and our children!

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