Presentation at Korean International School

Speaking about writing & publishing in a way that young kids can understand and put to use in their own writing journey is something that I attempted to accomplish today. I spoke to many different age groups and therefore had to cater my explanations per their individual understandings. For example, the tiniest lot of four and five year old aged children are just beginning to learn to read and write. Thus, for this age group, I did a bit of story telling followed by role playing. The kids were so imaginative and were able to grasp the concept of the story better through acting out the scenes while having a blast and laughing a lot!

For the older children, I was able to go more in depth about the actual writing process and the necessary steps in order to publish. I also gave them writing exercises to do in order to get the creative side of their brains working. The children, through a little inspiration, were able to come up with their own story in a matter of 10 minutes.

Thank you to all the teachers, librarians, and students at the Korean International School for the "write" kind of Friday! And a special thanks to Diana! It was wonderful being around such an engaged audience from the tiny kindergartners all the way up to the year 6's. I wish each of you the best in your writing journey! Below please check out some photos from the day.

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